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    Michelin XZL 16.00R20

    OVERALL DIAMETER:52.9″ OVERALL WIDTH:17.2″ APPROVED RIMS:10.00W, 10.00, 10.00V MAX LOAD SINGLE:6,595 kg / 14,540 lbs @ 760 kPa / 110 psi PLY-TYPE:Radial LOAD RANGE:M LI/SS:173/170 G REGROOVABLE:Yes TUBE REQ.:Tube or Tubeless TREAD:100% (34/32″) TIRE WEIGHT:342 LBS

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    Michelin XZL 14.00R20



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    Goodyear MV/T 395/85R20

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    Michelin XZL 9.00R16

    Non-directional tread design added versatility. Tubless construction, radial design. Optimized tread design features open shoulders and offset tread elements for improved traction and handling on varied terrains including snow, sand, mud, and highway. Load Range: D Overall Diameter: 36.1inches Overall Width: 9.8 inches

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    Michelin XML 12.00R20

    Full-width belt protection and elastic protector ply help protect the casing from bruising and penetrations. All-terrain non-directional computer enhanced tread design delivers excellent soft soil mobility,through improved self-cleaning capabilities. Offset shoulder design for increased traction in soft soil. Radial casing design optimized to operate at lower pressures to offer improved mobility and increased enveloping capabilities […]

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