Wholesale Lot 10 tires Michelin XML 395/85R20


sale per set of 10 tires
Used tires with 75-95% treads remaining

Overall Diameter : 46.7″ (1187 mm)

Overall Width : 15.4″ (390 mm )

Approved Rim Width : 10.00″

Tread Depth  : 29/32

Maximum Tire Load: 10200 lb (4625 kg)


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The all-terrain radial for tactical vehicles designed with the latest high-mobility technology optimized for outstanding mud traction and off-road durability.
Full-width belt protection and elastic protector ply help protect the casing from bruising and penetrations.
All-terrain non-directional computer enhanced tread design delivers excellent soft soil mobility,through improved self-cleaning capabilities.
Offset shoulder design for increased traction in soft soil.
Radial casing design optimized to operate at lower pressures to offer improved mobility and increased enveloping capabilities to resist impacts.
Viewings are by appointment only.
Please note that the warehouse is not open on a daily basis for inspection.
For an inspection appointment please contact the sales representative.
Warehouse hours for pickup of tires are Saturday’s , 11:00 to 19:30

Additional information

Weight 1000 lbs
Dimensions 46 x 46 x 60 in


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