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  • STA 7.50-16LT NDT on Wheel

    tires and wheels appear to be unused, some surface dents/rust/scratches on wheel

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  • Goodyear Workhorse 7.50-16LT on wheel

    Production date 2011

    wheelie jeep / trailer wheel

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  • Michelin XL 9.00R16 Casing on Clearance

    Michelin XL 9.00R16 Casing on Clearance

    Older production date, up to 2001. Tires are under 50% treads remaining.  Oxidation and broken beads may occur but not necessary. Recommend used: Farm, off road. Use tube and flap set up. Tires are Regroovable . You can groove back to 80% treads. Final sale.   Purchase one or two extra tires that you need to be on safe side.

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  • 16" steel rim

    16″ steel rim

    New steel rims 16×6.5 inch
    Painted matte green
    Offset 5 1/4 inch
    Center opening 5 1/4 inch
    bolt hole 7/8 inch
    Bolt pattern 6×206.3 mm  or 6×8 1/8 inch
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  • Hutchinson 1 3/8" beadlocks for 16" wheel

    Hutchinson 1 3/8″ beadlocks for 16″ wheel

    used take offs from 325/85R16 wheel. its an add on to runflats, one on each side.

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  • Sale! Michelin XL 9.00R16 on Clearance!

    Michelin XL 9.00R16 on Clearance!

    Tires may have light oxidation, repairs.

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  • Sale! Michelin XML 325/85R16 Blemish

    Michelin XML 325/85R16 Blemish

    Overall Diameter : 38.7″ (984 mm) Overall Width : 12.9″ (327 mm ) Approved Rim Width : 9.00″ Tread Depth ( in NEW condition ): 21/32 Maximum Tire Load: 5070 lb (2299 kg) DOT approved. The all-terrain radial for tactical vehicles designed with the latest high-mobility technology optimized for outstanding mud traction and off-road durability. […]

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  • Michelin XZL 8.25R16 on Clearance!

    Weight capacity : 3195 lb
    Tires are used with 40-55% or 7/32 to 9/32 treads remaining. Good strong casings, 8 ply LT tire
    Still good to pass safety
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  • Sale!

    Michelin XZL 9.00R16

    Non-directional tread design added versatility. Tubless construction, radial design. Optimized tread design features open shoulders and offset tread elements for improved traction and handling on varied terrains including snow, sand, mud, and highway. Load Range: D Overall Diameter: 36.1inches Overall Width: 9.8 inches

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