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    Michelin XZL 16.00R20

    OVERALL DIAMETER:52.9″ OVERALL WIDTH:17.2″ APPROVED RIMS:10.00W, 10.00, 10.00V MAX LOAD SINGLE:6,595 kg / 14,540 lbs @ 760 kPa / 110 psi PLY-TYPE:Radial LOAD RANGE:M LI/SS:173/170 G REGROOVABLE:Yes TUBE REQ.:Tube or Tubeless TREAD:100% (34/32″) TIRE WEIGHT:342 LBS

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  • Hutchinson Beadlock for Tubeless set up 20″

    New condition / old stock

    Manufacturer Part Number: B3040


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  • Altura Rock-XL 18.00-25

    40 ply ,Off road use,

    industrial-4, tubeless

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  • 17.5×6.75 inch steel rim

    New steel rims 17.5×6.75 inch
    Painted matte green
    Metal thickness 3/8 inches
    Offset 3.75 inch
    Center opening 4.75 inch
    bolt hole 3/8 inch
    Bolt pattern 8×165.1 mm  or 8×6.5 inch
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  • Galaxy 19.5LR24 (500/70R24)

    Used Galaxy 19.5LR24
    Agro – Industrial Radial,
    Tubeless Tire.
    Load 5000 kg or 11000 lbs
    Good strong casing,
    sectional repaired
    Full treads remaining,
    46/32 depth
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  • Loadmaster 15.5-25 L3

    Loadmaster 15.5-25 L3

    Used Loadmaster 15.5-25 L3
    Bias 16 ply Tubeless Tire.
    Good strong casing, 
    clean tire
    treads remaining
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  • Goodyear 20.5R25 GP-28

    Goodyear 20.5R25 GP-28

    Radial, One – Star,

    Type 6S,Earth moving,
    loader, industrial tires,
    good strong tires, without repairs
    treads 16/32 to 23/32 remaining
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  • Used Bridgestone 14.00R24 TG

    Used Bridgestone 14.00R24 TG

    Bridgestone 14.00R24

    TG V-steel, K-Traction,

    Type 2-A, Cut Resistant,

    Tubeless, 1-Star, Radial

    Good strong casing, surface sectional repair
    treads 26/32 remaining
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  • STA 7.50-16LT NDT

    STA 7.50-16LT NDT

    Tube type / Nylon

    10 ply

    Load 2780 lbs

    Non Directional Tread

    DOT 2015 (production date)

    New condition, never mounted

    Each tire come with tube and flap.


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