who we are

Military Tires Canada is located in Toronto, Ontario and has been involved with remediation for over ten years.

We approach our business in an environmentally conscious manner and specialize in the responsible disposal of tires.

Our practices and strict environmental standards have led us to an excellent relationship with various military bases.

This allows us to offer the general public a unique opportunity to receive discounted military surplus tires.

It is a much tougher tire then any tire of a conventional type. Plus the re-use program is a great way to manage tire disposal.

Before reaching customer, every surplus tire undergoes a close checkup and if necessary repair – vulcanizing, regrooving and retreading.

Only a small percentage % of tires are scrapped, and if so always in an environmental way.

Military Tires Canada always stands behind its name, reputation and its products.

Limited time warranty by exchange to another product is always an option.

For tire disposal management program please Contact us anytime.