8.25 Michelin’s for Gelaendenwagen

In 2005, the Canadian Forces took delivery of the first new Gelaendenwagen vehicles, “G-Wagon” for short, produced by Mercedes Benz in Graz, Austria. The G-Wagon will be used a tactical transport vehicle for regular and reserve units for field operations and training.


It has specially designed armour to provide protection against small arms, hand grenades and anti-personnel mines. The Canadian Forces says the armour kits are based on a modular approach so that parts the vehicle, such as the doors and front windshield, can be removed and replaced by armoured modules. Additional armour protects the floor, roof and rear wall of the crew area.

Variants: 3 (basic, command and reconnaissance, military police)
Type: 4 Pax Station Wagon
Engine: 2.7 litre, 5-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine
Drivetrain: 4 x 4 permanent all-wheel drive, 5-speed automatic
Tires: Michelin XZL 8.25R16 with optional run-flat inserts.
Fording ability: 600 mm
Ground clearance: 43.9 cm
Side slope angle: 30º
Approach angle: 40º
Gradeability: 60 percent
Payload: 1,500 kg max.
Entered service: 2005

Information provided by CBC NEWS :